An Innovative, Cost Effective and Unique Service

FreshWorld is an enterprising start-up company which has innovatively ventured into a 'Farm to Home' concept by organising fruits and vegetables (FnV) retailing, in a distinctive Street vending format employing eco-friendly delivery mechanisms.

Our USP is to deliver fresh quality produce at competitive prices using the value chain model. We will achieve this by being the sole intermediary, in most cases between the Farmer / Producer / Aggregator and the Consumer. In order to reduce intermediaries and thereby reduce costs, we procure directly from the Farmers / Producers / Aggregators and deliver this fresh produce to the end consumer using an innovative & environment friendly retail delivery model - the FreshWorld Smart Cart...

“Great consumer experience from Freshworld! Standard pricing, digital billing, absolute transparency in weighing! Sure feels like a super market at my doorstep!”

Sreedevi Mungara
Home Maker, C V Raman Nagar

"Reliable and committed on time service , fresh and consistent quality ... Awesome. Just what I was looking for!"

Shilpa Diwakar
Corporate Professional, Kasturi Nagar

Advantages to the Consumer

Freshness &

Harvest to consumer lead time reduced dramatically

Convenience & Variety

Widest range of FnV available at your doorstep at convenient times

Competitive & Attractive Pricing

Disintermediated supply chain and enhanced efficiencies

Professionalism & Transparency

Setting new standards for professionalism and transparency

How FreshWorld Innovates

While disintermediating the supply chain, FreshWorld looks to upgrade the time tested street vending format to the ‘Millenium Experience’.

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