Why FreshWorld

Benefits to Our Customers

Our motto is to deliver fresh quality produce at competitive prices using the value chain model and our customers can enjoy the convenience of picking and choosing various varieties of FnV at their doorstep, with the added advantage of competitive pricing backed by a digital bill for every such purchase. In view of our procurement model the FnV reaches our customers relatively much faster after being harvested and would retain their freshness for a longer period. We aim to also relieve, in a very small way, our customers from the grind of hunting for good quality FnV outside of their homes at the market/shops thereby spending a chunk of their precious time in the process.

Freshness and Quality

Harvest to consumer lead time reduced dramatically

Freshness and Quality
  • Farm fresh
  • Best in class
  • Direct from farmers
  • Superior quality
  • Excellent food grade
Convenience and Variety

Widest range of FnV available at your doorstep at convenient times

Convenience and Variety
  • Touch and feel
  • 'Pick and Choose' purchase of FnV
  • Available at your door step at a convenient time
  • 40+ variety of FnV
  • SMS updates on delivery and variety
Competitive and Attractive Pricing

Disintermediated supply chain and enhanced efficiencies

Competitive and Attractive Pricing
  • Attractive pricing
  • Value for money
  • Consistent and standard pricing
  • Automated bill for every purchase
Professionalism and Transparency

Setting new standards of professionalism and transparency

Professionalism and Transparency
  • Committed route plan at scheduled times using GPS
  • Digital weighing scale (dual-display)
  • Self-picking and self-weighing
  • Transparent and accurate weight management
  • Comparison price charts displayed
Hygiene and Visual Appeal

Upgraded and organized format

Hygiene and Visual Appeal
  • Modern and branded vehicle
  • Clean and well stocked FnV
  • Fruits and vegetables displayed in organized food grade crates
  • Shielded from sunlight and dust
Customer Friendly Service

‘Customer first’… always!

Customer Friendly Service
  • Trained and well groomed staff
  • High retail etiquette
  • Courteous, pleasant and affable
Innovative and Latest Technology

Cutting edge technology deployed

Innovative and Latest Technology
  • Digital terminal and digital billing
  • Wireless bill printing
  • Digital weight display
  • GPS enabled smart carts
Environment Friendly Cart

Committed to the betterment of our environment

Environment Friendly Cart
  • Virtually noiseless
  • 100% emission free
  • Eco friendly vehicle, not contributing to existing pollution
  • Alternative power source - uses battery as a source of power and hence has no fuel consumption
  • A Green initiative!