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The age-old street vending format of FnV, while still cornering a major share in the Customers’ purchase pie, has curiously enough not undergone any change in its delivery mechanism or upgraded to a more refined model of vending over the years. This is in stark contrast to the huge transformations that all other sectors touching Customers’ lives have undergone, like Mobile and Banking to name a few. In line with this, we at Freshworld have innovatively ventured into bridging this huge gap that exists in Customers’ FnV purchase in the street vending model by using an eco-friendly Smart Cart delivery mechanism coupled with advanced customer vending features hitherto unheard of in the archaic format. Superior technological integration into daily consumer FnV purchase process will make our Smart Cart Vending acceptable, productive & efficient and provide a long awaited professional, organized & cost effective alternative to the well informed Indian consumer.

Current Challenges in the FnV Industry

Nature of FnV products

Nature of fruits and vegetables produce is such that it is perishable, seasonal and bulky. It is also susceptible to high wastage and inherent shrinkage.

Poor supply chain & practices

The FnV supply chain is so fragmented in nature that the lead time it takes from the time of harvesting to reaching the consumer is always increasing, thereby rendering the supply chain inefficient & ineffective.

Higher number of intermediaries

This archaic market is very heavily dependent on middle-men in each stage of delivery. An organized value chain approach is sorely missing in the current traditional FnV industry.

Current Supply Chain

Current Problems Faced Due to Poor Supply Chain

Farm to Home

Farm fresh produce available at your doorstep at
attractive & competitive prices !!

The Farm to home concept endeavours to ‘organize’ this space by owning the supply chain right from the farmer / aggregator to the consumer and retail it using ‘Innovative and Cost Effective’ channels thereby delivering value-for-money for the consumers.

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